(U.S.A. 1996)
di Breck Eisner
Valarie Trapp
Charles Durning
Peter Gabriel
Elizabeth Peña
Woman killed inside the Underground
Old fashioned Policeman
Agent Grant
Female Agent Santiago

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Blade Recognize

An old fashioned policeman (performed by the famous Charles Durning) tries to discover the identity of a murder, who killed a young woman the night before inside the underground in an unspecified town of the future. Despite the fact that a young policewoman (Elizabeth Peña) tries to convince her boss to charge murder detection to herself, the rude policeman charges his best Agent (performed intensively by a great Peter Gabriel) to be connected by a machine to the dead girl's brain, in order to see the last frame in her eyes and discover murder's identity. The experiment takes place suddenly and with the most violence (with visual effects made by Peter himself like in his fabulous videos). During this terrifying session, 'Peter' discovers himself to be the killer, hidden under a big hat. When he comes back to the present, the Agent realizes to be guilty and his shock is so big that nobody (excepted his young colleague, who knows him well) will believe him. The young policewoman tries to support 'Peter', but he goes away, disappearing definitely discouraged.

This is the only short movie ever played by Peter Gabriel. The film, directed 1996 by Brick Eisner, is clearly inspired to Blade Runner (by Ridley Scott, 1982) for contents, images and performing atmosphere.

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